Saturday, September 12, 2009

AC loves Elmo her official favorite toy for the week is her Elmo that Mamaw brought her last week. It sings the hokey pokey and dances....well, she will just laugh when he does it! She tries to "get him" when he stops. And she just talks to him.....we haven't figured out what she's saying....but she sure is saying something! ha

She's feeling a lot better....pretty much back to normal AC. She's still kind of snotty...but I'm thinking that's because of her teeth...we shall see. Or, maybe she just wanted some time with mommy! I only worked 1 day last week!!! It was a wild week! I missed my school kiddos.....but it was kind of nice to just be with AC too. Well, AC is asleep and mommy is going to try and watch some of the UT game (in peace and quiet!)...I"ll let ya know how long this lasts......

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