Thursday, September 24, 2009

Am I ever going to rest again?!

Am I ever going to rest again??! I have a feeling a bunch of you are laughing and thinking NO! I also have a feeling that my mom is thinking "see why you just need to have one...they are a lot of work!" I can almost hear ya'll and can't wait to see the comments.....ha! you can tell it's been a LONNNNNG week! School has been busy (conference week) and AC has not slowed down at all! Therefore, mommy is exhausted. But hey, AC's worth it! Everytime I start feeling like this....I just have to think "wow! she is so cool and we are so lucky!" and we are that for sure.

Avanator's doing great....messing with everything! She's really into copying us right now...we can make weird sounds and she will make them back. It's pretty funny. And she LOVES playing ball. She will roll it back and forth and just laugh....hope that doesn't mean she's going to want to play softball or basketball! ha I guess I need to go ahead and get her some pom-poms to shake. I'll work on that.

Well, that's about it for now....I'm going to get some much needed rest so I will be ON TIME for my 6:30 AM conference!!! I know- what was I thinking??!!!

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