Sunday, September 27, 2009

1st trip to the Zoo

Ava Claire went to the Birmingham Zoo for the first time today. We have been trying to go for the last month....but it has rained every weekend!!! So we finally made it today! yippy!

Let me just start by saying that you won't see any awesome pictures (like I usually have) because after the FIRST one....the battery died! go figure! I thought I was going to cry.....I couldn't document her first trip to the zoo. However, I had my flip video with me....and I took lots of videos and I'm pretty sure I can make pictures from those somehow (I'll work on that in all my spare time! ha) sooooo when I get around to downloading all of those and making pics, you will see them! It probably will NOT be this's conference week and I have a ton this week!

Anyway, back to the Zoo. She was actually calm. Matt and I were very surprised...we really thought she would be wild! But she was kind of just looking around and calm. She purked up on the train ride (as she was trying to grab the boy in front of us and behind us!) but then got mad halfway thru the ride....I kept thinking "can this train pleasssssse go faster??!" as she's yelling in me ear! I didn't want her to be THAT BABY! that everybody gets annoyed at because they are ruining their zoo trip. She luckily calmed down pretty quick.

I could go on and on forever....but it's late and I still have conference forms to get finished for 7 am conference! So I'm going to leave it at this....out of all of the animals at the zoo....her favorites were the squirrel monkey, sand cat, and meerkat (all of which were tiny!!) The sand cats were by far her favorite....Matt got a good video of her laughing at them. They were funny. They would run right by the glass and just look at her. She did that for what seemed like forever! Funny thing about it was....little sand cat looked just like a normal cat (except all light orangish/ yellowish) soooooooo I'm thinking Ava Claire might end up wanting a cat.......... yay! I sure hope so! Daddy sure won't let me get one....but I bet if AC asks for one.....we'll get it! :) think so daddy???!

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