Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Park Playtime

Ava Claire had a fun time at the park tonight.....she played on her swing and then she went down the slide! She went with mommy on the baby slide and daddy on the big girl slide! Nothing else too exciting has happened this week. She is trying her best to wave. When someone says bye-bye to her a million times in a really babyish voice she will move her hand like she's trying to wave. She does it best with Aunt Vickie (a girl I teach with). I'm going to let Aunt Vickie tutor her on it after school tomorrow!! I'll let ya know how it goes.....we're also going to try some rice cereal tomorrow---I have a feeling that will be rather funny. We'll be sure and capture some of that on video to share! Hope all is well with you guys! We'll see ya soon!

1 comment:

  1. Now Amy remember when I used to play in the kid's water park at the beach and you all made fun of me...?????? Now look who is doing the same thing. haha. See it is fun being a kid again. haha.