Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ava Claire in her "big girl"stroller!

Ava Claire is getting so big!!! She took a walk this morning in her "big girl" stroller and loved it!! She was kicking her feet and just "talking". She has a new favorite toy-----THE WIND! Yes, I said the wind. There is a place in our neighborhood where the shops are close together and the wind tunnels through pretty heavily. She would laugh so loud everytime a gust came----it was too cute!

Things that seem so little to us......are so big to her! That's what makes it so cool! Everyday she just amazes me more and more!! How can I not want a house full just like her??!

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  1. What a big girl she is getting. I love the all pink stroller. Oh my goodness my little girl loves to pass the wind LOL. Sorry I couldn't resist the punt. It is funny that she loves the wind to blow in her face. My sons hated it and would gasp when they were her age LOL. She is such a sweet little girl. Thanks for all the wonderful updates.