Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Fun!

This has been a wonderful weekend so far!! Eventhough little missy has decided not to nap on the is good! She usually takes about a 3 hour nap in the day (10-1) but for some reason on the weekends she thinks she doesn't have to do that!! haha She went shopping with mommy and daddy and was as good as gold! She had a dinner date with Hayes on Friday night and Harper on Saturday night---both nights she used good manners! She got her cousin Blake an outfit so they would match when they have their pictures made together. They are going to look too precious! I think we're going to try the pool tomorrow and see if it's warm enough for ole girl! We'll let ya know how it goes....hopefully she will like it! Here are a few precious pics.....enjoy!!

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  1. She doesn't want to nap on the weekend because she has all day to be with mommy and daddy. LOL. She only naps at the sitters haha. Now that you are off from work for the summer she will probably get back into her napping schedule which I'm sure you'll love. I want one of those wonderful photos of her and Blake when you get them taken.... save me one or I'll haunt you when I die LOL. Love you guys.