Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tarzan Baby!

Well.....this morning started off by Ava Claire waking up looking like Tarzan! She slept in one of her 18 months sleepers (because of the length!) and I kind of thought the neck was a little big, but thought it would be fine for sleeping. WELL, evidently I was wrong! She wiggled one arm completely outta the sleeper and had it "free" this morning. It was too funny!
After that, daddy came to "watch" her today because the kiddos got outta school at 1 but I had to stay until 3. So daddy brought her home!! Well, when I got home...she had given daddy a SURPRISE and oh my! I found a pile of clothes in her room (his clothes and hers) and half of her container of wipes was used up. It was daddy's FIRST "dirty" diaper to change!!! He did survive!!
She had a very eventful day.....tomorrow will be better!! Daddy is watching her again tomorrow afternoon, so I'll let ya know how that goes.....

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