Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ava has a new friend!

Our neighbor Dana had her baby yesterday! Baby Kayla is beautiful and Ava Claire is so glad she's here! We went to visit them last night and Ava loved it. She laughed and laughed at Baby Hayes. We wish we had the video camera with us because she just kept on and on!! It was too funny. We got a pic of the proud daddies with their babies--- priceless!

More news: Ava Claire moved diaper sizes again!! She's now in the cruisers---size 3 and it's so hard to believe! She's in the "big girl" diapers now and she will soon be cruising right along.

Bun-bun almost got ran over! We ran some errands on Monday and when I was putting her in the car I realized Bun-bun was GONE!!!! Starting to panic, I headed back toward the store.....when what to my wondering eyes did I see??! But little Bun-bun lonely as can be----in the road! And a CAR WAS COMING!!!! Luckily I got it to stop and Bun-bun was saved!!! With Ava laughing we headed back to the car--- it was like she "knew" what she had done. But we all know sweet Ava wouldn't do that----so it was just a coincidence!!! haha

That's about all that's happening with us right now.....

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