Sunday, May 10, 2009

The BEST day ever!

Today was one of the best days ever! It started off with mommy waking up to some BEAUTIFUL artwork that Ava Claire and daddy had made me. They had made me these precious little flowers with Ava's pictures on them.
Then we went to the hotel for the breakfast bar-- which is my favorite thing! Ava was soooo good during breakfast and hung out in her stroller most of the time. We actually got to eat in peace....which was nice!
When she got tired of her stroller, we put her on the table in her bumbo seat and she did great! She was playing with my napkin and kept trying to drop it in our food! We think her strategy was to drop it in food and then get it back and lick it!!

After breakfast we came home and Ava's next present to me was a 3 hour nap!!! She and I were on the bed together and napped for 3 whole hours! It was much needed and wonderful. This week she has started to only have one long nap each day instead of 2-3 short naps. I'm thinking this will be a great thing for summertime!

We then went to Firebirds for dinner (my favorite place for dinner!) but this time she acted kind of wild! She was trying to roll out of her carseat, then her bumbo, and then my lap! She was being so wild and ended up with her burp cloth on her head!!!
Just when we thought it couldn't get any wilder......she had a BLOW OUT! I'm talking huge!!! I smelled something and so I got her out to check. I told daddy I thought I needed to change her and decided to just do it in the booth rather than going to the bathroom. Well, its a good thing I did because I had it ALL OVER ME! Matt looked in her bumbo seat and it was everywhere! The whole back of her dress was covered and the whole front of me was covered! Needless to say, she has DEFINITELY moved to the next size of diapers....I had used the smaller ones because that is what was in my diaper bag. Now I know she definitely needs size 3!!!!! So we finally got cleaned up and headed home......WITHOUT HER PRECIOUS DRESS!

It was a wonderful day and she ended with this sign... "I LOVE YOU!"

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  1. I am so glad you had such a wonderful mother's day. I love the pic of her with her burp cloth on her head LOL.