Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ava's eventful weekend

What an eventful weekend for the Anderson family!!! wow! Some of this may sound unreal, but we can assure you- it's real!! We were out shopping this morning and having lunch when Matt talked to one of our neighbors and he told us we were under a tornado warning...we didn't really think twice at first because the tornado sirens have been a common sound around here lately. But we headed home anyway just to be safe. We got home and at this point the "tornado" was about 10 minutes away. So I quickly carried the cold groceries in and Matt brought Ava in and started cleaning out our "safe room" aka the hall closet. (we can't go into the basement because we don't have one!!) At this point, I'm thinking I should have made us get a house with a basement...that was originally my first request when Matt said we were moving to AL. Anyway, so we get our "safe room" clean and in Ava and me go. I had Ava in her carseat, pillows all around us, and her crib mattress (yes, I said crib mattress) on top of us! It was quiet a sight! I was trying to do so many things quickly that I didn't realize I had given Ava a bottle and was forgetting to hold it.....well, she took care of that problem- I looked up and she was holding her own bottle!!! She's such a great helper already! Luckily, the tornado ended up passing over us but did not touch down. Matt, the not afraid of storms man, says it was no big deal.....but even the weatherman said it was! So we are very lucky and glad it was a good outcome! Another good thing from all this is we now have a clean closet and it is definitely ready now! That was definitely the most eventful part of the weekend....the rest of the weekend was not as exciting. We went to the "Party in the Park" on Saturday and had a great time. Ava got to see some of her new friends that are younger than her. She was looking good! She started getting bored toward the end and rolled over in her carseat, that's how we knew it was time to go! Hope you enjoy the pics.

Ava and daddy sleeping the exact same way!!! This was too funny! They were both like that....then when I went back in they both had rolled over the other way! I wish I would have taken a picture of that....

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  1. Wow I am glad the tornado didn't touch down near you. I know first hand how scary it can be when you are being threatened by storms. I've been through a few tornado scares myself and lived through hurricane hugo LOL. Hey look at it this got a cleaned closet and Ava showed you that she can hold her own bottle LOL. The pics were priceless, especially the one of Ava and her daddy sleeping in the same positions. LOL. That is toooooo cute. Thanks for sharing. Give Ava a kiss from her Aunt Sherry